Introducing the BBASE BUS Summing mixer kit. This kit allows you to make your own personal summing mixer that features output transformers and last but not least, saturation, Inductor EQ (boosted hi and lo shelf) and compression on every input!


This kit includes all of the components necessary to make the functioning summing mixer and includes invites to online classes to walk you through the assembly process! The completed BBASE BUS kit offers 4 stereo busses (8 channels total), 2 transformer balanced outputs that feed into your mic preamps on your interface, mixer or boutique external mic preamps with custom circuitry adding beefy analog tone and juice on every channel. Push your drums channel hot and keep your vocals n bass clean, the intelligent saturation engine offers sounds that are superior to plugins and other summing designs. 


There is a wide range of sounds possible and the fun is in finding the sweet spot for each bus. Since the phenomenon of EQ, saturation and compression are all level dependent and fully passive, the only control you need is input volume. Mix into each buss and learn how this beastly summing mixer massages your tracks from raw to a record!


The unassembled kit is only $100 plus shipping and includes a box that can be used as the finished unit’s case (electric blue). (Box cutting template included).

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